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What Happened to my Honey?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

At some point you're going to notice Lucille's Honey has crystallized on you. Don't be alarmed, and DO NOT, under any circumstances, throw it away. Crystallization is a normal process that happens in raw honey because the glucose separates from the water and wants to go back to a crystalized state. When honey crystallizes, it becomes opaque and lighter in color than when it was viscous. Crystallization is actually an indication that your honey has not been over-processed - which removes the pollen and organic compounds that give raw honey its health benefits.

Crystallized Honey is actually an indication of high quality honey.

There is one simple way to get your honey back to flowing state - heat it up. But be careful. If you get it too hot, you're killing all those healthy nutrients that you buy raw honey for in the first place.

NO, not in the Microwave!!

The microwave is quick, but it's also deadly for the organic compounds and substances in raw honey. If you want to learn more about how high heat effects your honey, check out The Honey Traveler at

Bring the water just to a simmer, you don't need a boil.

Luckily, you can heat up your honey in a controlled way with medium heat by placing your jar in a simmering water bath.

Give it 5-10 minutes and you can once again pour that honey onto some delicious fresh-baked scones!

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